Dear Colleagues
We cordially invite you to attend the Xth International conference "High-spin Molecules and Molecular Magnets" (MolMag-2023), which will be held in Novosibirsk from 9 to 14 July 2023 and will be dedicated to the memory of our colleagues and friends Academician RAS Victor Ovcharenko and Corresponding member RAS Vladimir Cherkasov.

MolMag conference is the biggest forum in Russia for all scientists working in field of molecular magnetism, which encourages establishment of new collaborations between Russian and foreign scientists. Starting from the very first conference in the series, which held in 2002, MolMag stimulates the development of scientific schools in Russia and professional build-up of young investigators.

Scientific program of the conference is focused on topical challenges in design, synthesis, investigation and practical applications of magnetoactive compounds and high-spin molecules. The major topics include:

  • Mono-, bi- and polyradicals;
  • Multispin molecules;
  • Metal-organic paramagnets and heterospin complexes;
  • Single-molecule magnets;
  • Methods for investigation of magnetoactive compounds;
  • Magnetostructural correlations;
  • Magnetism of clusters and nanoparticles;
  • Functional magnetic materials;
  • Organic spintronics, molecular electronics and quantum technologies.

Working language of the conference – English


First circular MolMag-2023

Second circular MolMag-2023


Latest updates

  • Oral Abstract Submission Deadline is extended until May 22 (!) 
  • A list of invited speakers has been added




We look forward to welcoming you to Novosibirsk in July 2023!

More information will be available at this website soon.
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